The permanents

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We are the permanents


A melting pot of styles from every part of the music spectrum. A Rock 'n' Roll gang sure to knock the living daylights out of any hipster, poser and/or modern age numskull. A band with a blast of fresh air from the same ol’ same ol’ music routine. Consisting of original music with original artists, we dwell from a land known as Ohio and seek to conquer the world. With good spirits and hard work. We always give it our all in bringing pleasure to the ears of whomever we encounter.


Vocals, Bass / Dyson Paul Anthony
Guitar / Mike Burkey
Drums / Jake Rieger



News & Updates




New Permanents website online now. Our new EP titled Smile Again to be released soon, give a listen to the new tracks on the Music page. Thank you for all your support and loyalty!

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Smile Again

by The Permanents

Smile Again - The new EP from The Permanents features 5 new tracks Recorded at Crushtone Studios in Cleveland, OH. Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Jim Wirt. Mastered by John Naclerio. Artwork by Shannon Sullivan. All Music The Permanents. Lyrics Dyson P. A.